‘Your Mental Health Story’ is a collection of images, stories, poems and written accounts from various people about their mental health experiences, struggles or illnesses. Photographer Mala Vadgama’s work on this topic was the driving force behind this idea in 2016, as she struggled to find written or visual accounts of people who had similar experiences and backgrounds to her own. Nowadays, many people share details of their mental health more frequently on social media, however, a wide range of accounts are not collated in one space with the ability to search for specific relevant words such as ‘addiction’ or ‘panic attacks’. Many people also find that social media itself can affect their mental health well-being.

This project aims to connect people through reading about experiences and stories while seeing images of people that are similar to them. This can help people feel less alone in their experiences. Furthermore, reading these accounts can create a deeper understanding of the different types of mental health struggles or illnesses and what people go through, as well as their sometimes complex context.

The photographic project which began exhibiting in 2018, is an ongoing one that is currently exhibiting around the U.K. with a charity called Centric Projects, who work with the Equality Council UK to deliver exhibitions about equality and diversity. We will update the stories on this website periodically. Please feel free to browse the stories shared on this website by clicking on the images in ‘Your Stories’.

This is a non-profit project to help break stigmas around mental health so all the members are working voluntarily. We aim to develop the search facility on this website soon. Thank you to all those involved. See the page on Resources & Articles for contributors.

If you would like to share your story in writing and in pictures, please get in touch via email: info@mkvphotography.com.