Arun works in media and has suffered from depression, anxiety and loneliness. He is a big advocate of mental health awareness and holds meetings for men in his local area.

See his website to view or support some of his work

Here are some of his poems which he feels expresses his feelings around mental health.

Warrior’s tears – 5/3/16 : 00:34

Even in the face of battle, the warrior may still shed a tear. Through the suffering, the pride , we are finally here. Broken , shattered, we urge amongst even the strongest of people, never run away from your fears. The path become blind, allowing darkness the ascend. The warrior will never back down, for they are so near. No one will understand the path of another warrior, for they are being submerged submerged inside. Fallen so far deep,  they become unable to at times prevent their own peril. A warrior’s spirit will never die, even once when they awake from hell. A Warrior will live again to us all. Be true , live through the pain and it will become never more.

Darkness falls – 5/3/16 : 00:45

Stimulated and intoxicated , we easily become seduced by what is intimacy , affection and security, yet we are still left feeling consciously dead.  Soon as the light begins the burn out, darkness will slowly to fall . My light shines bright to help me gain my sight. Drunken and left a state, who will pick up what they fail to see? Your soul will search to find itself again in healing, whilst it sings again to be free. Infuriation as soon as the sun beings to set, it feels like it might just be all over. Situation between right and wrong, conflict and confused, the sun will rise again for this your revolution .  Your soul will soar once again.

Alive – 5/3/16 : 01:12.

Don’t cry for me, for before you I was dead anyway. You brought me meaning to why I exist, you gave me something which I been craving, when I was broken, you glued me together holding me long as you could. Life gives us lessons and blessings, you will always be a blessing one I take soon to the grave with me. You made me feel alive, gave me the reason to rise once again and believe in myself. You stopped me from drowning , you stopped me from slipping of the edge. My heart does, and will always ever belong to you.  You will be with me for not in this life, but into the next . I just want your star to always shine bright, even if it is not in my sky. I am alive once more , tears will stream of sadness forever, but you freed me and gave my my wings to help fly again.