is a real sincere empathtic person. Its rear to actually find someone this beautiful. I have actually been stupidly difficult in replying to her answering her questions, on surface it seems the reason I’m really busy but its not. Truth is I keep avoiding answering these questions as sometimes I don’t feel like I am allowed to have a voice. I have had people around me usually as a product trying to find a partner in life. I have sometimes been made feel like what i think and feel or who i am isn’t important and that i am making things up. I have been told I am not good enough and not ambitious lots of dirt has stayed with me and why just cos I loved someone. It has made me resent society at times but then sometimes out the blue comes a tiny white light that eradicates the darkness.
Mala is that. I dont know why she does it I dont know why or how she is strong at dealing with people like me or how can someone be so patient and always allowed me to feel lile i haven’t let her down. She in short is a GOOD PERSON.

It is our duty to find those good people and tell the world about them. If you fo d something good share it. Keep the cycle going.
Please follow her and check out her exhibitions i am going to go mainly to learn to reassure myself that the world isn’t all doom and gloom.
Remind myself that: “once you get through thorns you will find roses”